Maxim Cal

Sergeant of the 3rd Line


Sergeant in 8th Sutler’s Canyon Volunteer Cavalry Regiment


Born to Lyra Cal, a retired servant of the Imperium granted a homestead on Kessae Flats, Maxim Cal is a farmboy born and raised. Instilled since his youth with a religious devotion to the Emperor, an unflinching sense of right and wrong, and a duty to protect those who couldn’t help themselves; Maxim didn’t think twice about getting himself caught in a brawl to stick up for a neighbor being hassled, serving in the militia protecting Sutler’s Canyon from Ork attacks, or volunteering himself and his horse “Thunder” for service in the Imperial Guard when the planet mustered a new regiment.

Having spent most of his youth on horseback, living off the land when necessary and defending himself from man, beast, and xeno; Maxim was a perfect fit for the 8th Sutler’s Canyon Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. Though given a chance at a commission, politics and Maxim’s sometimes blunt nature managed to prevent him from receiving one. However, given his experience in the militia and the need for competent non-commissioned officers, he found himself with a promotion to Sergeant prior to deployment.

Maxim Cal

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