Jay Zhou

Old School Jay Zhou


Weapon Specialist


Jay grew up on the westside of St. Ferdinand, a bustling port town south of the gold fields, where he spent his time helping out at his parents’ tailor shop and turning quick bucks with street commissioned sketches. Kind of a pity that massive earthquake and subsequent Ork raid that ended up killing half everyone.

Jay ended up drifting place-to-place after that, serving as a hired gun for a couple railway barons and shady prospectors until he landed a real contract as a bodyguard for an intrepid young journalist, one Ada Fairbanks, daughter of a media mogul on some distant Hive planet determined to make a name for herself busting some wrapped up conspiracy wide-open. The stories never really panned out, but the two of them did get very attached. Following an unexpected pregnancy, Ada was quickly spirited back home, though she did promise to send for him.

That was a little over a year ago. With little money left, Jay figures he should probably go do something with his broke ass, and Sutler’s 8th can always use another old heartbroken gunhand.

Jay Zhou

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