8th Regiment

8th Sutler's Canyon Volunteer Cavalry Regiment



Homeworld: Frontier World ( +3 BS, +3 Perception)
Commanding Officer: Maverick
Regiment Type: Rough Riders ( +3 Agility, -3 BS)
Training Doctrines: Skirmishers, Sharpshooters
Equipment Doctrines: None
Disadvantage: Code of Chivalry (-10 Willpower test to lie, even to enemies), Honour Bound (-10 Willpower test not to avenge insults)
Total Points Cost: 4, 5, 2, 4, -3, -4

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Perception, +3 Agility
Starting Skills: Awareness, Linguistics: Low Gothic, Navigate: Surface, Survival +10
Starting Talents: Quick Draw, Resistance: Fear, Catfall, Skilled Rider, Deadeye Shot
Starting Aptitude: Agility, Ballistic Skill
Wounds: No Adjustment
Favoured Weapons: Mono-sabre, Heavy Stubber

Standard Regimental Kit per PC: Lascarbine (main weapon), Kessae Flats “Long” Revolver, Mono-sabre, Good-quality Flak Jacket & Flak Helmet (+1 AP), 1 Horse, 1 Saddle, 2 Saddlebags, 1 set Riding Tack. 1 Advanced Medikit per Squad.

Notes: Independent Operation (Cohesion Range 15m, line of sight not required), Distrustful of Authority (-20 on interaction tests with unfamiliar authority figures), Quick Draw (Draw or change weapons as free action), Resistance: Fear (+10 vs Fear tests), Catfall (Ignore fall damage up to Agility bonus, +20 on acrobatics tests to avoid fall damage), Skilled Rider (Avoid being thrown from mount, mount/dismount as half action), Deadeye Shot (Reduce penalty for called shots by 10)

SABRE: Best Mono-sword. Melee, 1d10+1 R, Pen 2, Balanced. +10 to WS tests, +15 to Parry due to Balanced + Best.

KESSAE FLATS LONG REVOLVER: Modified revolver. Pistol, 40m Range, S/-/-, 1d10+3 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 2 Full, Special: +2 Damage when Aimed


Recruitment: Lottery/Criminals (half the members are criminals, the other half were “randomly” chosen)
Homeworld: Civilized/Frontier World, Kessae Flats
Tactics: Lightning Strike Rough Riders
Loyalty: Adherent to the Creed
Creed: For the Homeworld
Friends: Ecclesiarchy
Enemies: Orks

Originating on the arid, sparsely populated frontier world of Kessae Flats (more commonly known as Kessae), the 8th Volunteer Cavalry Regiment calls the city of Sutler’s Canyon their home. These brave men – and sometimes women – are all volunteers, hence their name, though they are, of course, subject to the death penalty if they fail to volunteer when requested by an army official. Kessae Flats is, unfortunately, home to a particularly persistent Ork infestation, leading to constant attacks by Orks upon the hardy settlers of that world. More fortunately, the Orks of Kessae Flats are of a particularly primitive tribal variety, and have little to no knowledge of any weapons more advanced than axes and bows. It is in this environment, mostly lacking in motorised vehicles or complicated technology outside of the capital, that the famous skirmisher cavalry regiments are raised for the Imperial Guard – using their horsemanship and elan to overcome both the Orks of Kessae and the other enemies of the Emperor, wherever they might be found.

8th Regiment

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