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  • Maxim Cal

    Born to Lyra Cal, a retired servant of the Imperium granted a homestead on Kessae Flats, Maxim Cal is a farmboy born and raised. Instilled since his youth with a religious devotion to the Emperor, an unflinching sense of right and wrong, and a duty to …

  • 8th Regiment

    Recruitment: Lottery/Criminals (half the members are criminals, the other half were "randomly" chosen) Homeworld: Civilized/Frontier World, [[Kessae Flats]] Tactics: Lightning Strike Rough Riders Loyalty: Adherent to the Creed Creed: For the …

  • 3rd Line

    Newly raised, these green soldiers are heading out to the galaxy at large to fight for the Imperium.

  • Jay Zhou

    Jay grew up on the westside of St. Ferdinand, a bustling port town south of the gold fields, where he spent his time helping out at his parents' tailor shop and turning quick bucks with street commissioned sketches. Kind of a pity that massive earthquake …

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